Sunday, 12 March 2017

Office 365 Groups ecosystem Part 2 : Create groups from several UI options

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Apart from creating a group from Outlook as shown in Part 1, Office 365 Groups can be created from several other options, few available for Admins and a few available to the users. You can manage the creation of Office 365 Groups in your tenant, refer the Microsoft article :

For Admins

There are other types of 'Groups' available in Office 365 which you will come across while creating an "Office 365" group as an Admin.

Confusing ?!! Here is a list

1. Distribution list
2. Mail enabled security group
3. Security group
4. Distribution group
5. Dynamic distribution group
6. Office 365 Group -> We are dealing with this :)

Create Office 365 groups from :

- Office 365 Admin center - shown in Part 1 of this post.

- Azure Portal

- Exchange online admin center

For Users :

The users can create groups from Outlook, OneDrive, People and Planner. The UI experience for creating a group from all these portals is almost the same except for Planner. An Office 365 group is automatically created when a user creates a new Plan in the planner hub.

The groups created through any of these options are provisioned with the full features of Office 365 groups like team site, calendar, notebook, planner etc.

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